Training and Documentation

Once your website is complete, we can train you and your staff to use it at your own premises. We can also create a customised manual that provides you with detailed instructions and screen dumps for each of the tasks that are performed by your website. We make sure that this manual is available to all users from within the website so that any administrative person has access to the manual when updating the website. This is especially important for organisations who have temporary staff that manage their website. 

You know that scenario whereby the person who set up the website has now left and no-one can fnd her documentation or manual and so the content on the website is outdated? Not going to happen with us, as we give you the option to have your own customised online 'How To' manual that is made accessible from within the website itself in an FAQ format. You will also be able to add to this online manual yourselves, There is no point in having a website that no-one knows how to use.